How to play 1313 : Puzzle Game

1313 : Puzzle Game is very easy to play.

You simply move the hexagon shapes from the side of the screen onto the slanted grid in the middle. That’s it. Simple right?

Ah, but the challenge is to keep playing and getting a higher and higher score.

After placing your first shape on the grid, place the next one, and the next one. Keep placing the shapes until there is no more room to place another shape — game over. How’s your score? Less than 1000?

The highest score we’ve seen is by one of our players on Facebook. She got 64,459! Amazing!


My best score so far is 22,939. So, if you got less than 5,000, you can do much better.

The trick is to form lines of 13 on the grid. There are 27 lines of 13: 13 are slanted to the left, 13 are horizontal, and one is slanted to the right. When you form a line of 13, you score the line and the hexagons are removed from the grid so you can place more.

The more the line has of one colour, the better your score is! The lowest score for a line is 117. The highest score possible for one line is 2,197! Score a few of those and you’ll be climbing up the ranks quickly!

Playing 1313 is very simple. Just move the shapes over onto the grid. Place the shapes to form a line of 13 to score and clear the line. Keep going until you are stuck and the game is over. That’s how to play in a nutshell.

Play 1313 : Puzzle Game!


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